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Safety/Environment Prizes

We're not just an engineering company serving people; we're a people company serving engineering.  There is clear responsibility and accountability for safety management system within Kwan On with a reporting line direct to the Project Director.  Managements treat front-line staff as they would like to be treated. We implement the Safe Working Cycle under 5 aspects: people, equipment, materials, methods, and environment and to explain every procedure to the frontline staff and enable them to easily understand and will ensure projects are reviewed at the planning stage so as to minimize future risks.  By the principle of "Walk the Talk", foremen will keep track of implementation of the safety measures, check the compliance and address problems that may occur during its implementation. In our safety management system, a Crisis Management Plan is also in place for rapid mobilization of resources and well-coordinated actions to deal with any unplanned events.   Apart from conducting fire drill and rescue exercise to keep up our prompt response, we have recruited the coloring contest winner as “Safety Kid” to help spread the occupational safety and health message. “Round Table Tea-break”  is another opportunity for the top-management management to meet the front-line staff face-to-face and maintain comprehensive two-way dialogue to exchange their views on works-related concerns and accomplish mutual goals.  All these helps to further enhance the efficiency of Safe Working Cycle.  Besides, we will continuously develop the safety awareness our members and recognize their achievements. Recognizing that to be successful, it would have to be flexible and gauge the pulse of the community by selecting quality sub-contractors who are registered under Voluntary Subcontractor Registration Scheme with strong safety awareness, a sound safety management system, and a good safety record.   Through discussing the development of safety administration from a “people-based” perspective with the sub-contractors, we can make sure they understand clearly and are fully aware of the in-house safety rules and their ability to meet our team’s safety management obligations as well as address their concerns wherever possible. ​

Workplace Hygiene Charter

In parallel with upgrading the hardware of our operations, we also encouraged members at all levels to join hands to strive for a hygiene workplace and foster a healthy and safety culture by joining Labour Department and Occupational Safety & Health Council’s partnership program and signed the Workplace Hygiene Charter on 23 Jun 2014.
We hope our every little effort can add up to create a safe and healthy environment on and adjacent to our construction sites and further strengthen the standard and reliability of our safety management system.

Kwan On hopes our every little effort can protect the home to hundreds of wildlife species and foster a quality and sustainable environment for our next generation.

Cleanup Action at Lower Cheung Sha Beach

Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature

As part of our corporate social responsibility to combat climate change, we support HKSAR Environmental Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department’s Energy Saving Charter and pledge to maintain the average indoor room temperature between 24-26°C from June to September 2014.
To promote the charter scheme, publicity poster for the charter will also be displayed at predominant locations of the site office to disseminate the message of energy saving to our members at all levels.<

Let's Save 10L Water

Fresh water is a precious natural resource. With the increase in population and rapid development of society, global water consumption has kept growing. This, coupled with the impact of climate change, presents mankind with the grave challenge of water shortage.
Less than 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh water while the rest is seawater. In fact, less than 1% of all the water resources on the Earth is readily accessible for human uses and its geographical distribution is uneven. Supply o