Innovation/ Technology

Kwan On is committed to combining high-tech with construction to achieve innovative, professional, and revitalizing construction 2.0 standards.
Technology and Innovation

Digital Construction

Kwan On has always been committed to exploring the use of digital tools to optimize and assist the construction process. Including drone and 3D scanning research, BIM 5D full cycle cost and construction management, building VR scenes with programming platform and cooperating with multifunctional sensors.
Technology and Innovation

Building Information Model (BIM)

Kwan On Building has applied building model information technology to multiple projects. We use the BIM360 platform and software such as Revit and Navisworks to troubleshoot, calculate, and manage models and drawings, saving huge time on communication at all levels of construction.
Technology and Innovation

Prefabricated construction (MiC)

We actively use advanced prefabricated construction technology and construction processes to cater to the Construction 2.0 era. In Mic Technology, the mass production of building modules makes transportation, installation, and disassembly during construction more convenient and efficient. Thanks to the application of Mic technology, Kwanon has become more e-friendly and sustainable.
Technology and Innovation

Hybrid Reality Technology (MR)

MR technology enables owners, construction personnel, and the public to have a more intuitive understanding of our engineering projects through media channels. We use Hololens, a mixed-live device, and a BIM model to provide a vivid news display function for the project, which helps to reduce Human error and make timely corrections. At the same time, positive technology can more conveniently monitor project progress, flexibly formulate plans, and improve construction efficiency.
Technology and Innovation

Digital Heritage Conservation

Kwan On Construction is also able to apply digital technology to historical buildings and cultural heritage conservation projects. Kwan On's digital team can utilize technologies such as laser tracing, photo modeling, HBIM modeling, and blended scenes to collaborate with international architectural heritage experts and industry heritage conservation experts to carry out digital conservation and restoration of architectural heritage.